Based on the mission and history of the Armenian Evangelical Church, the goal of the Armenian Evangelical Central High School is to equip students with a quality Christian Armenian Education, adhering to the governmental curriculum, in addition to maintaining the orientation set by the Armenian Evangelical Educational Council.

The aforementioned goal has three characteristics:

  1. Education Program:


· The Armenian Evangelical School strives to educate the whole person in the content of the free study program by developing the student’s analytical thinking in order to achieve the highest results. This is done by following the state study program of the country.

· The Armenian Evangelical School strives to implement the highest academic and educational level, using modern educational and pedagogical methods, preparing the student for higher education and the alternatives of the vocational field.


  1. Armenian Identity:

· The Armenian Evangelical School infuses national tribal education in all its classrooms, through the teaching of the Armenian language, literature, history, and cultural programs.

· The Armenian Evangelical School tends to develop, in the student, the balanced spirit of Armenian self-awareness and service.

  1. The Armenian Evangelical Heritage:

· The main goal of the Armenian Evangelical School is to invite the person to know God through the Lord, Jesus Christ.

· This is accomplished by creating a spiritual environment by holding morning chapel, holding special programs, encouraging participation during chapel hours, encouraging teen and young adult spiritual programs, and by having teachers be good example of a good Christian.

The aforementioned points are entrusted upon the following members of the Armenian Evangelical Schools

· The board of trustees

· The principals

· The teachers

This ensures the preparations of persons of Christian intent and character who will become conscious, spiritual, educational, national, and egalitarian leaders and exemplary citizens.