General Objectives

The mission of the elementary section of AECHS School is to:
1- Promote Armenian, Christian, social and moral values; these will help students grow physically, intellectually and morally. We strive to prepare our students to become responsible and productive citizens, and active members of the society. We mold the students’ character and self-reliance, heritage, culture and values.
2- Provide warm and nurturing environment for the students so that each child develops to his/her highest individual potential.
3- Encourage students to become life-long learners with string critical thinking. Provide them with strong academic foundation that will lead them to a successful transition into intermediate classes.
4- Help students to flourish in non-academic aspects , as well, like outings, school events, sports and artistic activities. Students’ learning is also enhanced through field trips, educational assemblies, and listening to presentations by guest speakers.