The purpose of the library is to enrich the student's knowledge be encouraging them to read books and motivate them to study in the library.
Different professional consultants gave directions about how to put the library in order. They also helped catalogue the books the Dewey system.
At present, the English section is divided into different categories like fairy tales, literature, poetry, history, social science, art, education, psychology, religion, magazines and newspapers.
The Armenian section includes different kinds of books like pure and contemporary literature, translated literature (Russian and French), poetry, history, religion, fairy tales, and a rich variety of books on genocide.
The reference books are mostly different kinds of dictionaries, Armenian ( children's) and English encyclopedias, musical books, medical and health books, Almanacs, Guiness Books of Records, Armenian cultural books, the history of the Central High School, Armenian historical and mythological books.
We hope to enhance reading books and using the library, since being there, choosing the books and returning them in a way of imbibing the disciplinary atmosphere that is so rewarding.