The purpose of the library is to enrich knowledge of the students, encourage them to read books, and motivate them to study in the library. The books are catalogued in the Dewey system. 

At present, the English section includes fairy tales, literature, poetry, history, social science, art, education, psychology, religion, magazines, and newspapers.

The Armenian section includes different kinds of books like pure and contemporary literature, translated literature (Russian and French), poetry, history, religion, fairy tales, and a rich variety of books that tackle the Armenian genocide.

The reference books are mostly different kinds of dictionaries, Armenian (children’s) and English encyclopedias, musical books, medical and health books, Almanacs, Guinness Books of Records, Armenian cultural books, the history of the Central High School, Armenian historical and mythological books.

The ultimate aim of the library is to enhance reading books and upgrade the mental capacity and scope of students through research