Special Education

  1. Vision

The Learning Support Program at CHS will strive to:

  • Expand inclusionary opportunities as much as possible.
  • Adapt and accommodate curriculum, teaching methodology and assessments as needed to serve the learners with mild learning difficulties.
  • Assist learners to development enriched academic and social skills and knowledge to work independently.

  2. Mission
  • Provide in class support services for learners with identified mild learning disabilities, hence enabling them to succeed in the general education classroom.
  • Provide out of class/ group services based on a comprehensive Individualized Educational Plan.  
  • Enable learners to become productive and effective citizens.

  3. Overview of the Learning Support Program

Our Learning Support Program at the Armenian Evangelical Central High School caters for learners with mild learning difficulties. This program offers two types of intervention which include in class support and out of class pull out sessions. The in class support allows the general education teacher with collaboration with the special education teacher to provide accommodation to class work, homework and tests so that the learner can do the same work as his/her peers. The support is given in Math, English and Arabic languages. Furthermore, the number of support sessions depends on the learners need. The out of class pull out sessions has the general and special education teachers reteach particular objectives after developing an Individualized Educational Plan for each student depending on his/her area of difficulty and needs.

  4. Climate of Teaching and Learning

The Learning Support Program strives to understand learners as individual learners with special needs and learning styles. The faculty and staff work together with the special education teachers to guide the learners toward academic success. They work on teaching appropriate strategies based on individual needs of special education learners.
The Learning Support Program assists learners through:


  • Monitoring of grades and behaviors in mainstream classes.
  • Supporting in the mainstream classes.
  • Maximizing opportunities for inclusion in mainstream curriculum.
  • Developing independency.
  • Developing awareness among the general education staff of individual learner’s disabilities and teaching strategies for their academic and social success.

  5. Professional Learning Community

The Learning Support Program is committed to:

  • enriching the skills and knowledge of general education teachers through workshops dedicated to classroom management, implementing different teaching strategies and methodologies, and accommodation/modification and adaptations that can be done to tests and curricula.
  • providing opportunities to all the teachers for continual learning in order to best serve an increasingly diverse special education population.
  • constant collaboration  between general education and special education colleagues.

  6. Adapted and Remedial Curriculum

The Learning support program provides learners with special needs:

  • support for the regular education curriculum.
  • adapted and remedial curriculum through smaller group and resource rooms that parallel the regular education curriculum to provide extra services that are appropriate for special needs learners as dictated by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).